Our Story

Many years ago, a group of our board members took a road trip to visit colleagues living at a care home. With much excitement, they sat talking, laughing and reminiscing of the good old days.

A walk through the care home was quite an eye opener. Observing the unsuitable living conditions and an environment with very little care, love and support, left the board members with much despair, shock and tears in their eyes.

That visit made everyone realise the need for a senior care facility in the community, and a niyyah was made.

Ideas, meetings and discussions took place with senior Ulamma and community members, under the leadership of Yaqoob Ahmed (late uncle Gora), in order to fulfill this special need within the community.

Alhamdulillah, BMCO took over Nigel Muslim Care Centre, and opened it’s doors to many mothers and fathers, thus giving them a home of warmth, love and safety.

And now, a home away from home, the Benoni Muslim Care Centre, a peaceful picturesque home, offering comfort, care and compassion!